$10,000 and Above

Donors listed on the $10,000 and Above Wall were contributors to the K-State Alumni Center construction. The wall is located on the back side of the Frasier Family Fireplace on the Alumni Center's first floor. 

Les Aaby Central Steel Inc
George and Maribelle Aicher
Melissa Alderton, Lisle Alderton, Ruth Beisel, and Mindy Sedam
Alumni Holidays
Doug and Lucinda Anstaett
Kyle and Gail Antenen
Jack and Janet Sprang Ayres
Bruce and Pamela Bachman
Thane and Sally Baker
Jim and Jeanne Baldwin
Ernie and Bonnie Barrett
Max and Sue Bayer, Bayer Stone Inc.
Ross and Marianna Beach
Max and Marcy Beins
H. Alan and Karen Bell
Dick, Lou Ann, Lori and Rich Bergen's Studio
Dan and Beth Bird
Steven J. Blickenstaff and family
Jarold and Barbara Boettcher
Lee and Kathy Borck
Borton L.C.
Robert and Mary (Bunny) Broeckelman
Earl and Susan Brookover
John and Heather Button
Charles Carter
Central Mechanical Construction Co, Inc.
CQ and Georgia Chandler
Charles and Rebecca Claar
Larry and Sally Coffman
In Memory of Carl M. Coonrod
Coonrod and Associates
David Cranmer, Cranmer Grass Farm
Terry and Tara Cupps
D.L. Smith Electrical and Communications
Department of Intercollegiate Athletics
Mark and Amy Dobbins family
Dodds Athletic Tours
Alva L. and Aileen Duckwall
Paul and Sandra Edgerley
Richard and Sharon Evers
Dan and Chris Frankhauser
Kevin and Beth Fateley Kanscapes
John and Antonia Fischer
Curt and Sherry Frasier
Nelson and Marilyn Galle
GE Johnson Construction Company
Michael and Linda Gibson
Gossen Livingston Assoc, Inc.
John and Mary Lee Graham
Robert and Marcia Hagans Family
John and Coleen Harrison
Robert and Jeanine Mull Haynes
Ken and Mary Hewson
Hi-Tech Interiors Inc.
Donald and Greta Hoffman
Trevor and Johanna Bachman Holsinger
Dr. Ron and Rae Iman
Steven and Stacey Truitt Jackman
Scott and Connie Jaynes
Gilbert E. Johnson
Jim M. Johnson
In Memory of Dr. and Mrs. George E. Johnson
Frank W. and Gwen Jordan
Kansas State Bank
Kansas State University Foundation
Jerry, Vicki, Lori and Kristi Katlin
Jeff and Julie Katz and Lillian T. Ryan
Charles K. and Nanette Kaup
Bill Keller Stanion Wholesale Electric
Terry and Val Kershner
Lyle and Carolyn Koontz
Mel Kopf
Bob Krause, Marty Vanier and family
Ron and Juanita (Wille) Leslie
In Honor of Linton C. Lull by his Family
Dr. J. Wallace and Edna B. Lumb Family
Ronald and Joyce Lutz
George and Ann McCandless
Craig and Susan McClure
Jerry and Rosie McKee
Nolan G. and Jean M. (Greenough) McKenzie
Earl and Molly McVicker
Mark, Lauren, Maggie and Max Meyer
William L. Muir III
Keith and Marian Mull
Glenn and Elaine Amerine Mull
Arnold and Judith Nagely
John and Karen Pence
Max Polk
Professional Engineering Consultants P.A.
Randy Rathbun
Larry and Susie Reichenberger
James P. Reilly
Dick and Toni Renfro
Allen and Amy Button Renz and family
Michael and Kathleen Riordan
Stan and Donna Robuck Salina Planing Mill, Inc.
Barry, Molly and Abby Sarvis
Joe, Clara, Deb, Dan, and Dave Schrader Family
Laura Scott and Ed Peterson
Rhea and Patricia Serpan
Lloyd and Jacqueline Smith
Warren and Mary Lynn Staley
Steel and Pipe Supply Company Inc.
Hal W. and Carol (Turner) Stephenson
Paul and Amy Lou Stephenson
Alan R. Stetson
Bill and Eleanor Stolzer
Joe and Mary Lea Stout
James Tadtman
In Memory of Marjorie Tennant
Richard and Jane Thiessen
Larry Tittel
Bob and Betty Tointon
Mark and Linda Truitt
Samuel Galen and Elizabeth A. Unger
John K. (Jack) Vanier Family
The Varney Family
Greg Vermillion
Dennis and Sally von Waaden
Steven and Barbara Watkins and Family
Robert Kirkpatrick and Dale Jellison Weary
S. Warren and Carol S. Weibert
Darrell and Dorothy (Fox) Westervelt
Herb and Mary Sue Whitney
Wildcat Construction Company, Inc. 
Kip and Dee Williams
Raymond and Melissa (Bachman) Wynant
Gary and Sharon Younger
Dan and Cheryl Yunk