Founders Circle 2023-2024

Justin and Melissa McClarty“As lifelong K-Staters, we have always enjoyed staying connected to the university and being actively involved. Our passion for K-State started as children attending sporting events and programs at McCain Auditorium. We loved our time at K-State, the friendships built and memories made. After graduation, it was important for us to find ways to keep K-State in our lives. 

Becoming lifetime members of the K-State Alumni Association was a decision we made soon into our marriage and not long after discovered we could give back through the Tradition Founders program. We donate here as a way to support the university, the programs the Alumni Association organizes, and their overall mission of Wildcat Community involvement.

Please join us in becoming a Founders Circle member. Together, our support will make a difference.”
Justin McClarty '09 and Melissa McClarty '06, Wichita, Kansas

Champions ($10,000 and above)
Judy Brown
Amy and Robert Dunn
Jim and Laura Johnson
Allen Renz and Amy Button Renz
Troy and Lori Sporer

Leaders ($5,000-$9,999)
Dan and Beth Bird
Mike Bolnick
Bim and Dianne Braddock
Julie and Roger Davis
Candy Duncan
Pat and Jill Harrison
Betty Houser
Ron and Rae Iman
Julia and Rickard Johnson
Steve and Cathy Lacy
Dennis Larson
Travis Lenkner and Erin Delaney
Ward and Brenda Morgan
Audrey Mross
Randy Sedlacek and Mary Ventura
Marty Vanier

Friends ($2,500-$4,999)
Barbara Boettcher
Lee Borck and Jackie Hartman Borck
Jon and Dianne Boren
Donald and Sally Chew
Anthony Dearth
Link and Tracey Evans
Curt and Sherry Frasier
Mike and Vicki Graft
Jerry and Donna Hess
Robert and Jeanette Huizenga
Carl and Mary Ice
J R Isch
Jon Jeppesen
Trent and Jody Lancaster
Chancy and Zach Love
Justin and Melissa McClarty
Jeff McDade
Earl and Molly McVicker
Larry and Sue Metheney
Dick and Mary Jo Myers
Brad and Sheri Razook
David and Paula Ripple
Gregg and Melinda Wenger
J D Wilson

Members ($1,000-$2,499)
Kyle and Heather Adams
Mike and Cindy Adams
Dick and Gloria Anderson
Brian and Jill Andrews
Kirsten and Blake Angell
Ralph Arnott
Jack and Janet Ayres
Don and Cheryl Baker
Thane Baker
Bruce Bales
Sue Barsamian and Bill Romans
Brooks and Tonya Barta
Brad Beecher
Steve Bernasek
Rand and Patti Berney
Jerry and Debra Braden
Ginny Braden
Russell Brewer and Becky Wilsey-Brewer
Patsy Brumfield
Ann and Tracy Caine
Ginny Campbell
Charlie and Rebecca Claar
Stan and LeAnn Clark
Curt and Stephanie Coffman
John and CJ Collins
Randy and Jacquie Coonrod
David Corley
Terry and Tara Cupps
Bob and Sheri Curry
Ken and Sheila Dale
Beth Davis
Barbara Dettmer
Paul and Marilyn Dongilli
Brian and Cheryl Doyle
John Eastlund
Glenn Elder
Norman and Janet Elliott
Jeff and Becky Ellison
Scott Emley and Deeann Anderson
Deborah Eveans
Dave and Ellie Everitt
Richard and Sharon Evers
Don Flesher
Gene and Connie Francis
Jeff and Angie Fry
Pat and Margaret Gibson
Jeff and Lynn Gillam
Penny Gisselbeck-Goldsmith and Ronald Goldsmith
Layne Glunt
Dan and Christa Golden
Scott and Rhonda Gordon
Bill Graff
Patty Grossman
David and DeAnn Haake
Jerry Hantman
Jan Hedges
Steven and Cynthia Heeney
Hank Hoesli
Bruce Hostetler
John and Becky Howard
Patrick Howell
Tom and Sharon Huecker
Kay Irsik
Carolyn Jackson
Norman and Claudia Jackson
Marjory James
Carl Jarrett
Michael Johnson
Steve and Ann Johnson
Todd and Mandy Johnson
Kenneth Johnston
Pat and Rhonda Johnston
Gary and Jennifer Jones
Larry and Pat Kendall
Rich and Hannah Kerschen
Doug and Jodi Kirkland
Michael and Carolyn Kleiber
Tom Knappenberger
Robert Knoche
Mel and Ellen Kopf
Duane and Kathy Koster
Curtis and Jennifer Krizek
Donald and Robin LacKamp
Mark and Carolyn Lacy
Charlene and Rod Lake
Roger and Kathleen Lanksbury
Tony Lask
Jane Lauer
Tim and Jan Leach
Matt and Kelly Lloyd
Judy Lykins
Pam Maben and Jo Koehn
Rich Macha
Gary Marple
Terry and Cathy Matlack
Robin Maupin
Roger and Kristie McClellan
Kent and Kathlyn McCosh
Deb McCullough
Howard and Jane Meier
Cheryl Mellenthin
Carol Meyer
Philip and Barbara Meyer
Wes and Sandy Milbourn
Bill Miller and Debbie Leckron Miller
Keith Moe
Thaniel and Jennifer Monaco
John and Linda Morgan
William and Laura Morland
Laree Mugler
Joe and Donna Murphy
F D Murry
Casey and Cheryl Mussatto
Rod and Bev Nash
David and Mary Jo Nelson
Bill and Pattie Nicholson
John and Judith Oswald
Tim and Lisa Oswalt
Marvin Paige
Sung Park
Marshall and Suze Parker
Melvin Patee
Charlie and Becki Paulson
Doug Pence
Jim and Barbara Pendleton
Bruce and Nancy Peters
James and Patricia Peterson
Victor Regnier and Judith Gonda
Dan Richardson
Mike and Courtney Riley
Barry and Marcia Robinson
Roy and Sylvia Robinson
Carolyn Roby
Dave and Lisa Rock
Ernie and Dawn Rogers
Lori Rogge
Haven Rolander
Keith and Sally Rush
John and Virginia Sayler
Brenda and Galen Schawe
Phyllis Schnurr
Jim Schroeder
Gary and Kathleen Sebelius
Steve and Judy Sellers
Bill and Jan Shaw
Annetta Shepherd
Mary Siegele
Terry Siek
Terry and Carolyn Silvius
David and Kelly Sisney
Charles and Bonnie Sjogren
David and Melissa Smith
Mitch and Molly Snyder
Warren and Mary Lynn Staley
Al and Mary Stecklein
Phil and Pat Stroupe
Dolores Swenson
Jim and Denise Tatman
Linda Tharpe
Richard and Lari Thomas
Bob Tointon
Jim and Barbara Van Loenen
John Van Zandt
Mike and Cindy Vanek
Anthony Visco
Leo Voet
Adam and Rebecca Walker
Carolyn Waller
Jodi and Chad Weiberg
Warren and Carol Weibert
Bob and Tasha Wessel
Lance and Kara White
Laurie and Bruce Wimberly
Terry Wofford
Ruth Wolfe
Edmond and Kathleen Wolfram
Dick and Karen Works
Stephen Wurtz
Dan and Cheryl Yunk
Jane Zorn

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